Different type of Dubai transport …Deira

Looks like you can find all type of transport in Dubai … from old to modern.
There is all brand-new of automobile industry …and not only in sales centres and show. Only yesterday luxury car was on the factory but today you can see it on the one of excellent roads in Dubai.
Of course I also like first-class auto but old and retro style impress me much more. It’s a reason why I like Deira …

Old part of Dubai, grown once on some empty land, is very different from New Dubai. Deira has own soul and heart.
It’s all a bit scruffy here but I feel charm of this sections of Dubai.
A bicycles very popular in Deira as opposed to new district of Dubai.

Generally I can’t say bicycle is common transport in UAE like in Europe or America. But ussually wokers in Deira are making a move to work by bicycle.

To cross to Deira I use abra. It cost only 1 dirham (0,20 euro).
I like the abras. Yes, they’re dirty, smelly, pollute with their diesel engines. Sometimes you can see even big bugs (I think it’s black roach) …brrr …

This is water taxi station. Every 5 minutes abras leave this place and go to other side of river. And it’s always full of people …wokers, bargainers, local residents or tourists.

There are almost twenty passanger in abra

The abra without passengers :

In a style reminiscent of old east story

to be continued…

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  1. Dubai Living says:

    Really interesting – both for the great images and for the stories that accompany them. … Thank you for sharing – I really enjoyed these.


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