Something: Dubai parachute championship

I don’t know why I recalled today of parachute championship in Dubai. Very likely it’s so frosty outside ( -15 today … brrrrrrrrr) and the very thought of warm days gave me comfort. Ok…I’m living in Dubai more than one year and I have a lot of hot days.
But by accident I came upon pile of photos from this day. It was amazing show.
I took my camera and was looking around … I like some activity like this …many interesting people , many emotions. I was not bored.
Indeed this post not about championship …too late. But I’m not newspaper and I don’t broadcast hot news.  I just want to show the atmosphere of show.

Have a pleasant flight:

Frankly speaking I was jealous. Parachute jump it’s my dream …
and these guys can see world from bird’s-eye view … they could see full Dubai Marina and Palm …unbelieviable view (I don’t know, but I can imagine).

Dubai parachute championship was hold on the best location. All people on JBR Beach could be also witness the action. Quite good to be on the beach, swim, get a tan and watch show.
It was not only parachutes….professional pilots showed their unsurpassed skill.

There were a lot of spectators and people got a lot of positive emotions.

I always wondered how to get great photos with a bird’s eye view …. ha ha ha  … that’s the answer … He looks like funny

You know , pilots are very romantic…  With LOOOOVE  to DUBAI :Happy Day!



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