How to make your photo looks better using Photoshop

I want to show you how, using Photoshop, transform  snapshots into beautiful picture.

My hard disk looks like woman bag … I have everything and can find nothing. Today I decided to put my photos in order. I found  one picture . First idea was “I should delete this .. it’s only takes memory in my HDD and looks really not nice”.  Look at this picture …. I think you agree with me :)

But I change my mind and started to create new picture …. main reason I think, I don’t like clean mess and always try to find other occupation :).
Let’s start
First I opened image in Photoshop. I made selection. Use the selection tool of your choice (Lasso Tool, Pen Tool,  Extract filter, etc.) to select your object. In my situation the ideal selection tool  was Pen Tool.  The entire selection process for this image took approximately 10-15minutes.

Layer “branch”:

And now I can put any background I want. I like blue sky background.
Open new layer and fill out it gradient using Gradient Tool. I use blue and white color and filled my layer a 45 degree angle.

Looks better now but boring and not like in nature. I think this branch feels very alone here and I put a little bit more flower. How I did it? Easy ….
Duplicate you layer “Branch” and transform it . I moved new layer left and used Filtr-Blur-Gaussian Blur. Look preview and adjust radius. I took 45 pixels. I liked preview and pressed OK.
Now you can see defocused cherry flower on background.

But I still didn’t like this picture .  Using the same technic I put more flower.
Duplicate layer “branch”, move and use Gaussian Blur (different layer – different adjustment … add more or less blur , depending on your picture) … For some layers I used also mask to hide unnecessary details.

….a little bit more and I was almost happy with result.

I wanted to put spring mood in my picture … Sun always good for this goal.

And now you can compare picture.
Before                                                 After

Second one looks much better. Agree?

Don’t put your picture in bin …. at first look at them with other creative view and maybe you will find better solution. Good luck :)



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