Few weeks ago I met one bride in Dubai to show her my wedding albums and talk about wedding packages for photography service. Looking through photos she asked : “Can you do more Photoshop?”   Honestly I was a little bit confused first moment.   She asked me about this and in this moment   bride portrait was opened on the screen  (untill now I think it’s perfect portrait with perfect  light and bride was very happy with her photos. Unfortunately I can not show on public page this photo because it was local Dubai bride and it’s doesn’t allowed to public muslims woman)
I said : “Ok … can you tell me please what would you like to change on this photo in Photoshop?”
And I got the answer … “a lot of hair over his eyebrow, I would delete them…” 
I didn’t expect comments like this . I didn’t even notice these hair because I knew with bride in real life and for me she is very beautiful. I guess this girl on the photo is looking every day in the mirrow and if she was not happy with her eyebrow she would change it and even 100% sure if I delete it she would look different and I don’t think she would love this photo … because it would not she anymore!

I read a lot of same story from photographers and from their clients. I remember someone share story about bride had a scar on her body from surgery and it was on the photos but she wanted the scar to stay. It was her “badge of honor” and  reminder of  how strong she was!

I am not a heavy retoucher. I want my clients to see themselves like they are – beautiful! I want them to see themselves, their real. Our job is not to idealize the appearance of a moment, our job is to document love with love.
And I always said it in advance that photos will be not over-edited with only a bit of complexion work when needed. and I’m proud of the end product.
I guess it’s personal taste, and every client would have different expectations… Photography is an artistic field.   Sometimes a photo can be changed too much from original  but  it  is the artists vision, it is still photography. There isn’t a right or wrong amount of editing. But I’m trying to spend more time with emotions, feeling, light during photoshoot and spend as less as possible time in Photoshop. I love my clients like their are!

I know someone don’t agree with me but I’m happy with my own and I’m happy when my brides have the same opinion with me.

dubai bride wedding portrait black backround

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  1. Anca Tapinc says:

    Marina, one of the reason why we chose you to be our photographer in our most important day was because you are amazing in catching the emotions on your pictures…people are not perfect but feelings are. When we will look at our pictures I get the same feeling I had that day.. Who cares about if the eyebrows are not perfect, or that the make-up doesn’t like in the magazines…important is to see yourself in those pictures.The light in someone’s eyes looking at the loved one can not be added in Photoshop. The beauty of your work is being able to catch that light :-). Thank you again Marina :-*

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