— FAQ: What to wear for couple shoot ?

So you have booked a Couple t Photoshoot and don’t know what to wear and what would look better in pictures?

I will give you some advice but always remember photos  should reflect the two of you and your relationship. 

1.   Be true to your style! When choosing the clothes you’ll be wearing for the day, remember to choose clothes that express you and your partner. Always be true to your own specific style and what your friends know you for. Dress nice, but don’t get so “dressed up” that you are uncomfortable. Interact with each other the way you normally would. Goof off, make faces, cuddle, laugh, play. In short, have fun and bring your ‘A’ game!

2.  Whatever anyone is wearing, be as comfortable in the outfit as possible!  If you feel hot in it, you’re going to look hot in it!  And remember – it’s always hot in Dubai))) 

3.  Dress according to your body shape and try clothes that amplifies your best features. If you feel fat in those pants,why are you even considering it? Try summer dresses in not too bright colors. If you like patterns just wear it but try not to choose a very busy/complicated print and NOTHING of logos or lot of writting! Make sure the pattern hits you in the right places of your body and balance the look with solid colors for your partner, as in the image above.

For the guys, don’t go to a photo shoot with track pants and running shoes. Put on a nice white or light blue collared shirt with long sleeves and then roll them up. But don’t look like a boring businessman.

I do love style of  Gemma and Grant 


4. Think about the location for the shoot: Choose outfits that complement your surroundings, wear clothes that match the mood or feel of the photos you want to take.

For example, if your shoot is going to be in a beach  – is better to go for casual looks, long summer dress, jeans, cotton or linen shirt  and nothing too sparkly and of course not high heels))

If we are going to desert – long dress for girls and nice dark jeans, hip shoes, collared shirt and a loose tie for guys (check this post ). 

If we are going somewhere in the city, please remember , we are in UAE , so don’t wear to short dress))

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Dubai

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Dubai



5.  Don’t Match. Coordinate! This doesn’t mean matchy-matchy, it just means that you wear colors that complement each other and pieces that have common shades. Start with something you really want to wear and create your outfit from there. Choose a theme color for you and your man’s outfits.

6. Wear playful accessories. Throw a fun accessory or prop into the mix.  Most couples aren’t used to posing in photo shoots—an accessory of some kind can help them feel a little more ‘styled’ and ‘warm them up’.  Don’t limit yourself to jewelry: Pets, guitars, jerseys from your favorite sports team, and signs add visual interest, too.

7.  Look at advertisements for inspiration.  Look at ads that are similar location to your shoot. Companies hire professionals to create an outfit that is perfect to sell their product– so just copy. 

There are so many “what to wear” outfits that can be found on Pinterest or Polyvore. Use them to inspire or help give you an idea of what you’re looking for.

8.  Make up. Stick to matte make-ups unless you really know what you are doing. It is super easy for shiny/glittery/shimmery makeup to reflect light and make you look oily (or spotty) in a photo. So stick to a nice matte finish powders and eyeshadows for flawless looking skin. Always wear a powder over your makeup to set it and also to continue to keep it matte


Things Not to Wear

- Bright white matching shirts and Khakis
- Tops with big logos or a lot of writing on them – keep it clean and classy.
- Shirts with short hemlines and mid-drifts. Dress for your shape.
- Super Short skirts.
- Exact matching outfits. Look coordinated, not matching.



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